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Kristin Le Roux

Position:Quality Control

Daughter of our previous Quality Controller, Mara, who sadly passed away.

I'm continuing where my mother left off, running things the way she taught me. Working with the von Arnims is a fantastic experience and I have grown tremendously since working here.

Aslam Solomons


I’ve been given the chance to uplift myself. I’m learning new things every day, my future looks good.

Lesly Jeftas


I enjoy my job, I’ve got no problems.

Debra Paulse


I like my job for lots of reasons. I’ve been here for 15 years and I love working with the people here, we’re all one big family.

Vacaseline September


I’ve been here for 14 years, I’m part of the place, and it is part of me.

Albertus Lourens

Position:Cellar Assistant

"Most people spend their whole lives working and not liking
what they're doing. I'm incredibly blessed because everyday I
get to go to work and do something I love"