Comprised of two farms, situated on opposite ends of the breathtaking Franschhoek Wine Valley, Haute Cabrière is something extraordinary. A rich history, a whimsical setting, a seductive approach to wine and a magnetic proprietor ensure that Haute Cabrière is a decadent affair for any visitor.

Its celebrated restaurant, Haute Cabrière, enhances the Haute Cabrière experience. Here award-winning dishes are expertly paired with each wine and méthode champenoise, showing off the ultimate marriage between food and wine. Then there's the exclusive extravagance of theatrical wine tours and tasting sessions where guests are treated to, among other things, the famous French Cavalry Sabrage show orchestrated by the charming Achim and Takuan von Arnim.

Haute Cabrière uses these unique and fascinating elements to weave an epic tale: one which creates the narrative and landscape that is home to the celebrated Pierre Jourdan and Haute Cabrière wines.

Farm Location