R625.00 per box of 25

The Brut Pierre Jourdan Popsicles are vegan-friendly and dairy-free

Made using only 100% natural ingredients, the Brut Popsicles stay true to the elegant Chardonnay and rich Pinot Noir flavours of the Brut Cap Classique

PJ POPSᵀᴹ BRUT Popsicles are sold in freezer-safe boxes of 25 Popsicles per box

Currently we are able to offer direct delivery services for Popsicle orders within 50km of Sandton, Johannesburg Gauteng.

If you are based in the Cape and KZN, please contact Frost Popsicles, the product creators, via their website www.frostpopsicles.com to discuss delivery options for your location

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