Pop-up Dinners
Pop-up Dinners

Raise a glass to the women in your world! 


August is synonymous with Women’s Day and a time to celebrate and acknowledge the roles women play in the world.

At Haute Cabrière, our matriarch Hildegard von Arnim, has played a huge role in creating atmosphere and experience for the enjoyment of Haute Cabrière wines, both locally and abroad.

 “South African Sunshine in a glass!”

 Hildegard’s apt description of the Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir, continues to steal hearts and dominate dinner tables across the world.

1994 was an unusually dry and warm harvest, and the handpicking of the grapes for Pierre Jourdan MCC could not be done fast enough, which led to a base wine with a higher sugar content. This produced a wine with a higher than usual alcohol content, quite unsuitable for a MCC base wine.  Proprietors Achim and Hildegard then decided to bottle this still blend of Chardonnay and white Pinot Noir as a still wine – the rest is history!

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