Try our venison dish at home this winter, paired with our Pinot Noir Reserve

Chef’s Nic van Wyk and Westley Muller encourage you to try their popular venison dish at home.

‘As chefs, it’s easy to go to a restaurant and be able to know exactly what went into making the particular dish you are eating, sometimes it’s complicated and tedious, other times it’s simple, but seems complicated if you are not in the industry’, comments van Wyk.

Their style is classic French, with the South African palate taken into account, as well as flavours that are unique to us, or favoured. ‘Our style of cooking also means that yes, perhaps things take time, but an average home cook can recreate a dish or flavour’, comments Muller.

The venison in South Africa is unique and extremely popular on the Haute Cabrière restaurant menu. ‘A misconception about venison is that it tastes ‘funny’ or wild, there is a unique taste, but this dish has a great balance, making it an easy dish to introduce venison’, says van Wyk. ‘With all natural produce, the flavours vary depending on a lot of things and can also be emphasized or toned down,’ concludes van Wyk.

There are three elements in this dish that alone are rather simple, so it will take longer than a stew on the stove, but is a relatively easy dish to be able to recreate at home, reckon our chefs.

Takuan von Arnim weighs in: ‘If you need an excuse to open a bottle of our Haute Cabrière Pinot Noir Reserve, make this dish a staple on the home menu!’

Grilled venison, vegetable pave, sauce cassis, paired with Haute Cabrière Pinot Noir Reserve.

Serves 4


Vegetable pave

4 carrots

4 parsnips

1 small butternut

1 sweet potato

1 onions

Melted butter, start with half a block

Salt and pepper

Sauce cassis

75g brown sugar

65ml white wine vinegar

125ml cassis (black currant liqueur)

1l beef or venison stock

1.5 star anise

1/4 a cinnamon stick

1 cloves

65g frozen mixed berries

20g frozen cubed butter

Venison loin

180g to 200g venison loin per person

1 tablespoon oil

1 tablespoon butter


Salt and pepper



For the pave, set oven to 160°C. Place tinfoil into an oven proof dish and coat with butter. Peel and thinly slice vegetables (120g total per person). Layer the vegetables, season with salt and pepper and a brush of butter every 3rd layer. The stack should be about 5cm high, finish with layer of butternut and coat with melted butter. Cover with foil and bake for roughly 80 min. Keep warm.

For the sauce, caramelize the brown sugar and deglaze with white wine vinegar and reduce till all liquid has evaporated. Deglaze again with cassis, and reduce by 2/3. Add the spices and beef stock and reduce again by ¾. Add frozen berries and reduce till sauce consistency. Strain out the berries, whisk in frozen butter- do not let boil. Keep warm.

Season the venison with salt and rest for 5 minutes. Heat a skillet and add oil, when smoking hot, brown the venison turning it all the time. When almost brown add the butter and thyme sprig and nape (tilt pan and spoon on the butter mixture over the meat) with the butter. Transfer to an oven dish and roast at 200ºC for +/- 2 to 3min. Take out of the oven and rest for 5 minutes before plating.

For pear garnish, poach two pears for roughly 15 minutes in sugar stock until soft, cut in half, rub with olive oil and heat on a griddle pan to achieve grill marks.

For crispy kale, blanch and refresh, season with salt and pepper, ensure it’s dry, deep fry in oil until crispy, set on kitchen towel to allow excess oil to drain.

To plate- slice venison, and add to plate, cut pave into squares, and place a square on each plate, add the pear halve. Drizzle generously with sauce and add the crispy kale.


Chef tip: Heat your plates in the oven, with all meals, this way your hot dish stays that way, to the last bite. Especially in winter.

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