Welcome to the 2016 Franschhoek Uncorked Festival; it’s amazing how time flies and it is Spring time again!

We at Haute Cabriere are looking very forward to welcoming you on this very special day, were we will be celebrating in style with 6lt Pierre Jourdan Methusalems.  One bottle will be served on Saturday and one on Sunday.  This is not only to celebrate Uncorked but mostly to share with you the magic of Pierre Jourdan and what happens when one keeps a bottle for 13 years on the lees.
We will also be celebrating our new terrace, which you will be enjoying on the day and specially over the summer season, making the most of our beautiful Franschhoek valley views.
It is also with great enthusiasm that we will be sharing the launch of our new Pierre Jourdan Popsicles (PJ Pops) which just shows and proves the fun and excitement Haute Cabriere loves to share with our customers. Pierre Jourdan Brut and Tranquille will be serve as tasting wines.
As always our ever popular Ratafia ball throw will be open to showcase your ball throwing skills!
Last, but not least, DJRene will provide entertainment on Saturday.
So do come and join us for a weekend of fun, and also try your hand at breaking the record at our tennis-ball throwing into the loop in our dam, this has been a tradition since first Uncorked. Great prizes to be won!
Looking so forward to meeting and greeting you all,  while sharing a beautiful glass of our 6lt Pierre Jourdan Methusalem.  Pure Magic !!



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